11 home activities to boost kids mental health

To celebrate Mental Health Week 2021, our wonderful volunteers made videos of simple, fun, activities to boost children’s mental health.

Parents and carers, we feel your pain! Lockdown poses serious challenges for everyone, but especially for those looking after young children. If you’re looking for some engaging, screen-off activities that will boost your child’s mental health and resilience, you’re in the right place!

The other hand challenge

Improve your self-control by switching hands!

Make a gratitude jar

When we’re feeling fed up, it helps to focus on the positives!

The scribble challenge

Make a “mistake masterpiece”!

Be your own best friend

Give yourself the advice you’d give a friend!

Superhero drawing

Do you know what your super-power is?

Make a name poem

Remind yourself of your own best qualities!

Express yourself

Express yourself through sound!

Jar of happiness

Whenever you’re feeling sad, swap it for a smile!

Finger trick

Learn a new trick and make someone smile!

Be like a marshmallow

Boost your resilience with marshmallows and chocolate!

Smiley spinner

Remind yourself of the things that make you happy!

Let us know how you got on!

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these activities! Why not share the whole playlist and let others know how you got on! Keep an eye out for other resources for families on our blog, or follow @citywiseuk on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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