The 12 Citywise days of Christmas

On their last week of projects all our young people set some goals for their Christmas Holidays. We’ve been challenged by this one and asked if we could share it with you… can you do 12 nice things for other people this Christmas? For inspiration why not check out our catchy, almost-rhyming version of the 12 days of Christmas:

12 drummers drumming runners running

In April & May volunteers from Citywise took part in the Great Edinburgh and Great Manchester Runs, helping drum up (get it?!) enough money to fund our summer projects. Hate puns, love drums? Watch this instead, my jokes are wasted on you.

11 pipers piping pints a-pulling

One incredible opportunity we have to raise funds and awareness of Citywise is our partnership with Manchester City F.C. On each match day you can find our incredible volunteers shivering in the cold while serving drinks at a kiosk in the Etihad stadium. If you’re there for a game come and find us in the families section!

10 lords a-leaping lasers leaping

We work hard to make sure our volunteers feel loved, and many of them tell us that being part of Citywise has been like being part of a family while they’re at uni. Chasing each other around in the dark at a laser tag arena seemed an obvious way to build relationship…

9 ladies dancing ladles serving

And it’s not just laser-tag that builds relationships! Here is our intern Gabriella dishing up some grub for mentors earlier this year. Why not see what she had to say about her time working with Citywise?


8 maids a-milking mentors a-mentoring

Well, a few more than 8 mentors perhaps…! In 2017 over 150 different volunteers have given their time to help transform young lives. This is why what they do matters.


7 swans a-swimming superheroes a-saving

Just because it’s a funny video and we think you should see it again! The fundraising link on the video is out of date, but if you want to be a hero this Christmas and support Citywise you can do so here.

6 geese a-laying feasts un-paying

We make a point to always share food and drink together on our projects. Eating together breaks down barriers and allows us to learn to share. But on our summer projects many of the children attending might otherwise miss meals because of the extra strain on families during long holidays with no free school meals.


We’re so grateful that much of the food we use comes free of charge from Fareshare, a charity working to combat waste and beat hunger.

5 gold rings! count-your-blessings! 

At Thanksgiving we published a blog on our Families section about how to nurture gratitude in children. Great read for parents, but lots for anyone to learn from too!

4 calling birds core virtues

Our approach is to help children develop positive character traits, or ‘virtues’. We adopt 4 core virtues – resilience, self-control, good judgement and fairness – that we believe act as foundations for all the others

3 French hens mayoral candidates

On our projects we try and create opportunities for young people to work for change in their local communities. On Monday 1st May, 30 Citywise mentors, supporters and young people took part in an historic event making demands of the 3 main candidates vying to become Mayor of Greater Manchester.

2 turtle doves mindsets

One of the foundations of our work is the belief that change is always possible. We help young people to try and move away from a ‘fixed’ mindset about themselves (I’m not very good at maths) to a ‘growth’ mindset (I’m not very good at maths…yet)

and a partridge in a pear tree a percentage of Co-op sales!

In November we got the good news that we’ve been selected as a Co-op Local Cause, meaning that from now until October 2018, members can direct 1% of their spending on Co-op branded products towards Citywise. If you live in or around Manchester, please vote for us to get your contribution!

That’s all folks! Happy Christmas, and we look forward to transforming young lives with you in 2018. 

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