25 Years Celebrations

December 2019 update! At the start of this year we set out to make some new Friends! 25 to be precise. One to celebrate each year we’ve been transforming young lives. And we are so excited that at the start of December, our 25th regular donor signed up! It’s not too late to join them…next year is our 26th anniversary so guess how many Friends we want to welcome in 2020?!! 


As we celebrate 25 years of transformational character mentoring, you’re invited to help us to launch an exciting new area of work with families!

In the summer of 1994 a small group of students and young professionals trialled a holiday club for young lads in Hulme, Manchester. A year later the success of the Manchester project inspired another group to spring up in Glasgow. Ever since the early days, the vision of Citywise has always been to see young people flourish as they discover their passion and purpose.

25 years on and a new generation of volunteers have been inspired to take the baton and are working hard in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods of the UK to help young people unlock their potential, lead flourishing lives, and make a positive contribution to their communities.

In our anniversary year we are delighted to be able to launch a whole new area of work supporting not only young people, but their whole families. With your support, we can help more children, more effectively with a new model of sustainable, rooted community work. For 25 years we have worked in close partnership with schools to support young people’s character development. As we celebrate Citywise’s birthday we are delighted to be pioneering a new model of support for the whole family, in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

We’re inviting you to pledge your support in one of three ways:


Support In Kind

We are also very excited to announce that this year through “in kind” donations we have received over £10,000! This has come in the form of donated goods and services from local companies in Manchester and Glasgow:
  • At the beginning of the year, O Street design studio in Glasgow very kindly gave our logo an overhaul…
  • meanwhile Rachel Andrews Interior Design refreshed the look of our Manchester Citywise Centre…
  • Vinci Construction very kindly supplied paint and decorators to make it a reality…
  • and finally, Access2Learn and Remtek Systems both contributed some new furniture!



More about our 25th anniversary campaign:

We have held three different events during 2019 where friends, supporters and local partners have joined us as we’ve celebrated our anniversary, and the launch of our new way of working with families. You can read Chief Executive Luke Wilkinson’s speech here, watch our launch video, and take a look through the photo album below!

Could you consider making a one-off donation, becoming a regular donor, or exploring with us how your company or skills can help us support young people and families with excellence?