6 Reasons why we love our mentors

1. They could be somewhere else
We know what it’s like, too many assignments to write (and the latest Netflix to catch up on!) It can be hard to find time to give away. Instead, our mentors give 2-3 hours a week on a Citywise project to meet with the child they’re mentoring because they know it’s time well spent.

2. They don’t mind making themselves look a bit silly 
No explanation necessary, the photo says it all…


“Mentoring has been a lot of fun and full of laughter, I would love to do it again” Mentor, 2018


3. We couldn’t do it without them
Studies show that establishing a supportive ‘one to one’ relationship between a young person and a non-parental adult is one of the most effective ways of supporting character development. A committed mentor will encourage a young person to become the best they can be, take a hold of their futures, find their own voice, and build their own support network in their local community. 

4. They want to grow and develop too 
Mentoring is a win-win, when we help others we also grow ourselves. As much as they support their mentee to unlock their full potential, our volunteers have commented that as a result of mentoring they feel more confident, have undertaken personal growth and have learnt to overcome challenges and adapt because of their time with Citwise. 

“I feel that this overall experience has made me much more confident and content in myself” Mentor, 2018

5. They go the extra mile
38 of our mentors took on a challenge last May for our #citywise214 campaign. They helped to raise £12,000 for Citywise by running, waking baking, cycling and swimming 214 miles. You can read more here.

6. They stay connected.
Even after graduating University and getting proper jobs in the real world they don’t forget about Citywise. We have a thriving community of Citywise Alumni who stay in touch, give regularly, and help with events. Want to know more? Email hello@citywise.org and we’d love to hear from you.

This September we’ll be recruiting a whole new bunch of mentors for our Manchester and Glasgow schools projects. If you think you’ve got what it takes you can make your application here.