A lockdown hug

As the UK heads into another lockdown, the team at Citywise want to send all teachers, parents and children a big lockdown hug!

Yeti sends you all the love!

The Citywise Yeti wants to remind you all that this time of lockdown and waiting will be over one day…but not YET! If you’re feeling frustrated with everything you can’t do right now, Yeti’s favourite word – YET – can help! Here’s how:

Y – Yes!

Think about everything you can say “Yes!” to right now. Focusing on what we can do helps to take our mind of what we can’t do. Try making a list of things that we still can do, and choose a few of them to do every day. Yeti loves posting cards to friends, home baking (inspiration here), and drawing cartoons. What can you say “Yes!” to today?

E – Each day

Worrying about the future can cause us a lot of anxiety. But a lot of things happening right now are outside of our control. As the clever scientists, doctors and nurses work hard to help defeat covid-19, the best thing we can do is to live each day as it comes. Try this rhyming bodyscan with young children to help them be calm and grounded in the present moment.

T – Take a break

This one is for the hard working mums, dads and carers! Be kind to yourselves: this is a really difficult time. Home school won’t be perfect every day, you will lose your patience sometimes, everyone will be bouncing off the walls at some point! It’s important that you take a break when you need to. TV on, kettle on, feet up at least once a day. And try this guide to dealing with stress purposefully.

You’ve got this!

Be like Yeti, and remember the power of YET! And from all of us at Citywise, a massive lockdown hug!