A Superhero Poem

This poem was written by one of our Everyday Heroes and her Mentor during one of Summer Camps, and was performed at their Celebration Show in July 2019! 

A Superhero

A superhero brings about justice 
so that humankind can have peace

A superhero is always kind
especially when helping the blind

A superhero has great wisdom
and uses it to protect their kingdom

A superhero has to be brave
so they can help the trapped escape

A superhero can act as a shield
they protect us and never yield

A superhero has to be generous 
they give up their time and strength for us 

But a superhero might not be like you think
they can be everyday people so you might not make the link 

An everyday hero might not be able to fly
maybe sometimes they’re also a little shy

But an everyday hero can make a difference
because they are prepared to go the distance.