A world of adventures!

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Explore a whole new world of stories, adventure and wonder with your child for World Book Day on Thursday 4th March!

Reading with your child can help them become more confident, it stimulates their imagination and helps them develop valuable language and listening skills. It can even give them a love of reading that can last a lifetime!

Try reading together with the books you have!

Create a space free from distractions! Turn the TV off, put your phone out of reach and sit close together. Grab a book and enjoy reading aloud. After you’ve finished or at the end of a chapter choose a character and talk about their ‘character’ and choices:

  • When were they brave when they could have been scared?
  • When did they ask for help?
  • When did they help someone?
  • When did they show kindness to others?
  • When did they show kindness to themselves?
  • When did they try something new?
  • What would you have done differently if you were in their shoes?

Ready for a new adventure?

World Book Day has loads of free audiobooks you can access online. You can also take time to go through the questions above with your child!

A world of books online!

Books can be a great way to talk through your child’s fears and worries, or to help them deal with their emotions. Give them space to talk, and ask how they feel about the situations in the story.

If you notice that your child is particularly struggling with confidence, grief, learning new things, or making friends you can have a look online at books for your child’s age and stage. You can find so many books read aloud on YouTube that you and your child can enjoy anytime, like The Lion Inside!

‘If all the world were’ is a beautifully told story that introduces children to the concept of death and grief, particularly children who have lost a grandparent. You can buy it online or like so many other excellent children’s books, it’s read aloud on YouTube!

See what your library has to offer!

Although we can’t browse the shelves like normal right now, your local library may enable you to borrow ebooks online through Borrow Box!