Vision & values

  • We believe in the intrinsic worth of every human being, and that every young person has the potential to live a flourishing life and make a positive contribution to society.
  • We believe in the family as the basic building block of all societies and respect and support parents’ rights and duties as primary educators
  • We believe schools should provide an environment of safety and intellectual stimulation within which young people can develop an attitude of curiosity towards the world. Qualifications are important but we believe that what makes people great is not just intellect but character.
  • We believe our role as mentors is to engage with the whole person: the head and the heart, the body and the soul, all of which need to be nurtured and supported to prepare young people for the test of life, not simply a life of tests.
  • We believe that as an organisation we are only as good as our mentors are. We therefore work hard to ensure we have a strict selection process which is fair and transparent. We train and support our mentors to build and sustain high quality and effective mentoring relationships.
  • We believe that volunteering is a self-giving act that doesn’t count the cost or expect anything in return. But our experience tells us that when one adopts this “giving mindset” one always receives more than one gives.
  • Our Christian faith is the motivating force behind our beliefs and shapes all that we do, meaning we serve all people, of any religion and none, and seek to draw out the best in every young person we work with.