And the award goes to…

3,109 hours is the amount of time our mentors have given this academic year to the Citywise Challengers Programme, mentoring young people across Manchester and Glasgow. 

Towards the end of our projects our mentors recommended each other for three awards and we want to share them with you…. 

*Mentor of the Year*

Megan Halfacre and Rebecca Stewart won ‘Mentor of the year awards. They were awarded to our most exemplary mentors for their outstanding work with their mentees, which brought about a significant difference in the mentees’ lives.

Developing positive mentoring relationships is such an important part of our approach. Megan and Rebecca built close relationships with their mentees, making them feel heard and understood, and helped them gain confidence and become the best they can be. 


*Best Volunteer Award*

The nominees of this award were people who had shown the greatest commitment to Citywise and have made extraordinary contributions this year! 

In addition to mentoring, our Manchester winner, Bárbara Passadouro helped our fundraising efforts by running 10KM in May for Citywise, and volunteering at the Manchester City Etihad Stadium. And if that wasn’t enough, Bárbara’s University research on meditation and self-control have also helped to contribute to our curriculum.

Marie-Alix Van Waetermeulen, was Glasgow’s winner! As the President of the Citywise student society Marie-Alix organised a range of educational events, talks, workshops, fundraising events, and socials for all of our volunteers and ran Citywise’s Toughest Run for our #214 campaign

*The Citywise Character Award*

The final award is given to a mentor with a deep understanding of the importance of character and personal growth. This is reflected in their ability to model character to their mentee and transmit this passion for growth.

And the awards went to… Jack Rees and Victoria Chapman! They were always incredibly positive and showed great energy, grit and character in everything they did.

They both excellently conveyed character strengths to their mentees, and if that wasn’t enough, were also our two top mentor fundraisers in the #214 campaign, with Jack doing not one, but two challenges, and Tori absolutely smashing her Toughest Race!

A MASSIVE thank you again to all of our volunteers. Do you see why we think they’re so great? If you’re still not convinced, check this out