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In order to volunteer with us, you need to complete the form below to give us an idea of why you want to be involved. We will then get in touch with you!

Term-time mentoring programmes: Term-time mentors volunteer three hours a week, usually at one of our partner schools. We mainly recruit and train volunteers in September and October each year. Once you have applied, you will be invited to join a Welcome Event where you will get a chance to hear more about us and what is involved in becoming a Citywise mentor. You will also have an opportunity to talk with staff and other mentors in an informal environment and let us get to know more about you. Once you have attended the Welcome Event and filled in the application form below, we will assign successful candidates to projects and give you details of the training day.

If you are applying later on, you will automatically be added to a waiting list. 

Holiday programmes: Citywise runs holiday projects throughout the year! Holiday mentors volunteer for five days at a time in the summer holidays, easter holidays, and half terms. 

Make sure you select below whether you’d like to volunteer at holiday or term-time programmes!

Please make sure you have read the Citywise Staff and Volunteer Code of Conduct before submitting the form.