Baubles of Hope Activity

Change can be scary for everyone, and for children it can feel unpredictable, daunting, and exciting all at once. This activity is a helpful way to encourage children to develop a sense of hope in the face of uncertainty, by inspiring helpful conversations about things to look forward to in the future.

Hope is one of the most important values your child can develop, as visualising future events can encourage your child to develop resilience and a growth mindset about themselves and their skills. One of the best ways you can help instil a sense of hope in children is by discussing your own hopeful ideas about the future: why not share what you’re hoping for too? Here are some questions that could be helpful to ask throughout the activity:

  • If you could achieve anything this year, what would that be?
  • Is there anything new you want to try? What about a new food or hobby?
  • Is there anyone new at school you would like to be friends with?

Let’s start making Baubles of Hope!


  • Baubles template
  • Glue stick
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or string

Step 1: Circles!

Print out this page. Once printed, start to discuss with your child what their hopes are for the New Year, and don’t be afraid to share some of your own hopes.

In each circle write down one hope or dream. For example, you could write down in one circle ‘I dream about going to Citywise camps’ and in another ‘I hope for more family time’. This is your time to make each circle as beautiful as the next with different designs and patterns!

Now it’s time to cut out the circles by following the lines. It might be best if an adult does this step.

Step 2: Fold!

Once all 6 circles are cut out, fold each circle in half. When folding the circles, make sure that you leave a good, smooth crease.

Step 3: Get Sticking and You’re Done!

Take your glue stick and stick the left side of one of the circles to the right side of another circle, continue to do this until you have one circle left. Place each circle so all of your hopes are on the outside.

Tie your ribbon into a loop with a knot in the bottom, glue the knot end onto the middle of the combined circles, then glue your last circle.

You’ve just made a bauble of hope! Well done!

Make sure to tag us if you post about your Baubles of Hope! We’d love to see how they turned out! You can tag us @CitywiseUK on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Holidays!