We didn’t actually go to Bordeaux…

Citywise214 – we smashed it!

For the 70 people who took part in Citywise214, May 2018 was a month of training, baking, running, swimming, walking, and cycling. It was worth every blister and drop of sweat as our fundraisers raised £12,000. They traveled over 668 miles all together, that’s:
12 x half marathons
38 x 10km races
37,450 x metres swum
52 x miles walked
400 x miles cycled
and 3 x metres of cakes baked

That’s the same distance as Manchester to Glasgow and back again…and then back to Glasgow. For the more adventurous, it’s also the same distance as Manchester to Bourdeaux, France, and you’d still have a few miles to tour the city and get an ice-cream.

Our bakers baked creations to rivial Mary Berry, our runners gave Mo Farrah a run for his money (literally – he was competing at the Great Manchester Run) and our swimmers were good enough to take on Michael Phelps in the pool. These nine days were filled with people taking up #214 challenges and giving it their absolute best.

So why did 70 of our supporters ask their loved ones to empty their pockets and put on their trainers/aprons/swimming shorts/helmets to fundraise? We’ll let them tell you…

“I ran Citywise’s Toughest Run because all young people deserve the same chance at life”
“I swam 214 lengths for Citywise because I believe it’s helping to make the world a better place”
“I cycled to Loch Lomond and back for Citywise because I love that they contribute to changing the lives of young people”
“I swam 214 lengths for Citywise because I wanted to compete with myself and prove that nothing is impossible if you really believe in yourself”
“I ran the Great Manchester Run for Citywise because it really makes a lasting impact in the lives of young people”

A HUGE thank you to our 37 mentors who took part and the 33 general supporters who took on a #214 challenge.

If you would like to take part in our 2019 fundraising campaign click here to sign up!