Davie-The Runnilator!!!

Davie is running the Great Manchester Run 2017!

Having seen first hand the difference mentoring can achieve, the accompaniment of young people as they discover the tools towards fulfilment; there was no option….but to dust off those running shoes.
I am running because I believe passionately on the idea that young people, no matter their background should be given the tools and resources to achieve their potential. That young people should have the character that enables them to overcome difficulties, broadening their minds to become the best version of themselves. Every pound that you give will go fully to supporting a young person in Citywise’s Heroes academy..the best Character academy

So get your wallets ready folks, chip & pin,contactless and all.
Its time to support the “Runnilator”-No record is safe!!

We’re raising funds for the Citywise ‘Heroes Academy’ summer projects. The money raised at last year’s Great Manchester Run gave 120 young people access to the free holiday club. The play-based curriculum is designed to support their transition from primary to secondary school: learning in disguise as fun! We use the theme of superheroes to help young people discover what it takes to become an everyday hero.  #thecityneedsheroes – could you be one?

Click here to see how Team Manchester and Team Glasgow are doing in the head-to-head fundraising competition.