The more You donate, the faster I run!

Dovile is running the Great Edinburgh Run 2017!

A huge part of my heart belongs to Citywise mentoring charity focused on character building of disadvantaged kids in Glasgow (and Manchester). I have been volunteering with this charity for the last 2 years and spend a couple of hours every week in one of the Glasgow Primary schools. I can’t describe how much I adore those smart, hilarious, creative, talented, inspiring kids and what a potential they have! I feel so blessed to be part of the work that is helping them to build their characters and overcome the challenges their lives are already full of.  So I decided to run an extra mile (quite literally) and do the Great Edinburgh Run 2017 so that kids (who really really need it) could take part in Citywise ‘Heroes Academy’ summer projects for free!! *Drum roll, please* and that’s where You come in! (In fact, it is not even happening without You). Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference so let’s do this together – THANK YOU!

We’re raising funds for the Citywise ‘Heroes Academy’ summer projects. The money raised at last year’s Great Manchester Run gave 120 young people access to the free holiday club. The play-based curriculum is designed to support their transition from primary to secondary school: learning in disguise as fun! We use the theme of superheroes to help young people discover what it takes to become an everyday hero.  #thecityneedsheroes – could you be one?

Click here to see how Team Manchester and Team Glasgow are doing in the head-to-head fundraising competition.