Fork Fireworks Activity

The Fork Fireworks activity will help you to express yourself through creativity! You’ll create a colourful picture for you to hang up on your fridge and this is a great thing to do as a family, so make sure to get everyone involved!

You’re probably familiar with the tale of Guy Fawkes night. It started years and years ago when a man tried to get rid of the King of England, but was caught just in time. Nowadays, Guy Fawkes night is all about fireworks, bonfires and sparklers!

How do you feel when you see all of the colours burst in the sky? Do you like the anticipation when waiting for the firework to erupt?

Guy Fawkes night doesn’t have to be just about being outside and watching fireworks or making shapes with sparklers- although that’s really fun! Guy Fawkes night can also be about spending time with family whilst eating good food, or making beautiful crafts. The Fork Fireworks activity is here to make your Bonfire night extra special!

Let’s get started!


In order for us to start, we’ll have to gather our equipment!

You’ll need:

  • A paper plate or paint tray
  • Paint
  • Plastic or metal forks
  • Sheet or tablecloth
  • Paper

Now we have gathered our equipment let’s move on to the first step, setting up our workstation!

Step 1: Workstation!

First things first, lay down a tablecloth or a sheet. Doing this makes clean up really easy and it means that no paint gets on any surfaces!

Step 2: Paint!

Next, we have to choose our paint and squeeze big lumps of it onto either a paint tray or a paper plate. You could use up to six different colours!

Step 3: Spread!

Now that your paint has been chosen and squeezed, you have to take your forks and dip the prongs into one of the dollops of paint. Once your prongs are coated in paint, start to spread your fork from the middle of the piece of paper to the end. Continue to do this going round in a circle, once finished you will see a shape that resembles a firework.

Top tip: fireworks sometimes have more than one colour in them, so try to add two or three colours to your fireworks! Also try this activity on black paper, how do the colours look compared to how they look on white paper?

Step 4: Make it your own!

Once your fireworks have exploded onto your page and they’re dried, take a pen that’s either the same colour or a similar colour of your firework. Add little dots and lines around the firework to add depth and try to make it as realistic as possible!

You’ve done it! You’ve made Fork Fireworks! Now you can proudly display them on your fridge, wall, or windows!

We would love to see your Fork Firework creations! Remember to tag us if you post about this activity with #citywisefireworks or @citywiseuk on Instagram and Facebook.