Go Outside: Benefits of the outdoors!

As the Bounce Back Movement challenge continues, we reflect on the benefits of getting outside. The Bounce Back Movement challenge takes place every May and encourages children to exercise every day for 30 mins. You can read more about this challenge here!

Physical activity has many benefits on our minds and bodies, and being in a group setting holds many benefits as well. You can read about the physical benefits of exercise here, and the benefits of group activity here. Although you can exercise inside and outside, what are some of the specific benefits to being outside?

Being outside gives children new possibilities for moving and exploring, such as running and jumping. They also are free to let off some steam by shouting or making noise, and it can be important for children to have that space and freedom.

Being outside can present new challenges and adventures for children if they’re in new or unfamiliar surroundings. This helps them to become aware of their limits and boundaries in their play as well as helping to develop their self-confidence and independence if they feel challenged in a nurturing space.

And did you know: spending time outside has a major positive affect on children’s eyesight by reducing short-sightedness!

Outside Safety

Like with most things, children need to be safe outdoors. There are a few ways for you to ensure your child’s safety whilst they play and explore the outdoors!

One way for your child to have boundaries outside is getting to know your neighbourhood by walking and cycling in the area with your child. That way they know the areas suitable for playing. Agree where they can play and where they must not go.

Make sure your child is dressed appropriately according to the weather. Wear warm clothes on cold, wet days. Put sunscreen and hats on your children when the weather is hot and sunny.

As your family challenge, encourage your child to play outside! To help you with this we have created the ideal game to play outside: Traffic Lights!

This challenge is perfect for getting your child moving outside! Try taking turns to be the person calling out the traffic lights! Take a picture of yourselves doing the activity and tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @CitywiseUK.