Help us stay connected

To help young people stay connected to their mentors and for our programmes to thrive in light of the challenges Covid-19 has presented, we need some new technology! And for that, we need your help!

One of the reasons why our programmes work so well is the because of the connection between a young person and their mentor. We measure the strength of this each year (you can read more about it on p4 of our Annual Report). This relationship is what makes a young person show up, want to grow and why we consistently see the transformation that we do.

Our programmes this year will be a mixture of in-person and online mentoring. We’re working closely with schools to make this possible and ensure that no child misses out because of the digital divide.

We’re adapting, and need our tech to keep up! We’re expecting to need 20 new tablets and headphone sets for the next academic year for children who need the support of our programmes more than ever before. Can you help?

Each tablet set-up will cost about £80 each for a tablet, case and headphones. Could you give towards one mentoring pair, or help us resource a few mentoring pairs this year?

You can give using the Paypal link below. Or on our giving page.