It’s so good to be back!

Restrictions in Manchester have meant it has taken us a little longer to be back together in person which made our October Camp last week extra special!

We had such a fun three days of reconnecting, learning more about our emotional and physical health and how we can cope with challenges by showing resilience.

We’ve helped each other navigate obstacle courses, learnt new breathing techniques to help us stay calm and have used art to help us express our emotions and connect with others.

Food is normally such a huge part of our camps, we really missed being able to eat lunch together but we sent children home each day with a jam-packed lunchbox! We also had a team of keen foodies take on the challenge of designing a dinner box they named ‘The Mexican Feast Box’, with three different recipes they can make as a family.

The wonderful team of mentors facilitated new friendships being made, spent such valuable time one-to-one on different activities and saw children thrive after what has been a tough seven months 🙌

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We’re so thankful to our donors: Manchester Wellbeing Fund, Eden Planning and so many generous friends who gave to make this a super fun three days!

We made the very tough decision this week not to run the after-school club in November, but we’re looking forward to gathering in December…

We’re planning on two sessions for children on December 4th and 5th. We’ll have lots of activities together with our mentors and a bit of a party for Christmas! You can sign your child up here: