Krista is running the Great Edinburgh Run 2017!

Hey guys, so at the end of April i’ll be running my first ever charity run for a group called Citywise! Since September I have been volunteering for Citywise by mentoring in a primary school in Glasgow. We provide support to the kids and teach them the importance of values like good judgement and fairness, but do so in a fun way that they will enjoy and relate to.
I believe that this mentoring programme really does impact the kids involved, and by running the Great Edinburgh Run I hope to contribute as much as I can to the funding of Citywise projects this summer! Thank you so much for your support!
(Ps. incase you didn’t get it, the picture above is me looking at how far I gotta run aghhhhhhhhh)

We’re raising funds for the Citywise ‘Heroes Academy’ summer projects. The money raised at last year’s Great Manchester Run gave 120 young people access to the free holiday club. The play-based curriculum is designed to support their transition from primary to secondary school: learning in disguise as fun! We use the theme of superheroes to help young people discover what it takes to become an everyday hero.  #thecityneedsheroes – could you be one?

Click here to see how Team Manchester and Team Glasgow are doing in the head-to-head fundraising competition.