Run Lukeyboy Run at the Great Manchester Run!

I’m taking part in the Great Manchester Run on 28th May to raise money for the 2017 ‘Heroes Academy’! The money raised at last year’s Great Run gave 120 young people in Manchester access to the free holiday club. The play-based curriculum is designed to support their transition from primary to secondary school: learning in disguise as fun! We use the theme of superheroes to help young people discover what it takes to become an everyday hero.

Because I believe in what Citywise can offer some of the most disadvantage young people in Britain, I’m lacing up my running shoes (for the first time since the Great Run 2016…oops!) and getting ready to join 60 mentors and other supporters on the streets of Manchester in May. I hope you’ll join us too – either in person, or in spirit by clicking on that juicy looking Donate button over there. Go on, be a hero and help transform young lives!

Fundraising target

This year I’ve set my target optimistically high. This is for two reasons: firstly, last year I was overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends and family and raised a lot more than expected. Secondly (and more importantly) my team have threatened me with two humiliations:

  • If I meet my personal target of £1500 I will have my hair dyed orange and purple to be paraded through the streets of Manchester as a living Citywise logo
  • If the Glasgow and Manchester teams raise their combined target of £20,000 I will also have the Citywise logo shaved into the back of my head.

So now you face a moral dilemma: to give generously to the good cause and cause me shame and embarrassment, or save my humiliation but deny young people the chance to take part in our project… what will you choose?

Click here to see how Team Manchester and Team Glasgow are doing in the head-to-head fundraising competition.