Making a family coat of arms

In our mentoring curriculum, one of the first things children consider is the topic of self-knowledge. This is all about identifying some of the key things, that make you who you are. These can include for example your hobbies, your strengths and your values. It’s also a brilliant way for the mentors and children to start building a mentoring foundation. It helps them get to know each other and progress through the rest of the curriculum.

Thinking about who you are as a family by making a coat of arms is an equally great place to start having some great conversations. It might open conversation topics you didn’t think even know about!

The Family Coat of Arms activity is a very simple way of thinking about your family. The instructions in the activity can be taken quite loosely. You can add other things to the suggestions in the sheet. You could think about what your favourite family memory is, the funniest thing about your family, or you could ask different family members to describe your family in three words. You can also come up with a family motto!