Sometimes we can lack encouragement and motivation to do things or to continue with tasks. This mantra activity helps children to motivate themselves, and get back up and try again if they failed the first time. It not only helps to build resilience, but to develop a growth mindset. According to research, these two skills go hand-in-hand in a child’s development.

What is a Mantra?

A mantra is an inspirational phrase or saying that is usually a couple of words long, used often to help people feel better or focus. Mantra is a sanskrit word meaning something that is repeated.

This activity is a simple guide to creating your very own mantra with your child. Your mantra could be a phrase that you’ve heard before, or a saying that you can take inspiration from.

Let’s make a mantra!


  • Pens
  • Paper

Begin by asking your child: what could they say to themselves that would encourage them to not give up on something? Maybe try and think of scenarios and find one that best suits your child. Are they finding particular subjects at school difficult? Or are they trying to overcome a challenge with their friends?

You could think of a saying that rhymes to make a short poem, or it could follow the same structure as a haiku.

Why don’t you get creative and decorate the page to make it memorable!

Here are some examples children at Citywise came up with:

Once you’ve finished, hang the page up somewhere and encourage your child to look at it every week. Research shows that repeating words or phrases of encouragement can play a key role in building resilience and helping children to reframe negative experiences.

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