Meet the mentor: Charlotte Campbell

Today, we have yet another wonderful staff member joining us for an interview on our latest #meetthementor blog. So get ready to meet our Curriculum Coordinator, Charlotte Campbell:

Hiya! So excited for you to have joined us! Okay, let’s get right down to it. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name’s Charlotte, as you know. I am from Southport, England and surprisingly I seem to be the only northerner in our Manchester office most of the time! I spent a while living in France and have done a number of different things over the past few years, but moved to Manchester in 2014 to study at the University of Manchester, where I came across you wonderful people!

So that’s how you found Citywise?

Yep, I first got involved with Citywise by doing an 8-week internship where I spent the summer organising a holiday club for year 6s about to start high school, helping them to settle into a new school and reflect on their character. My main role was to plan out and prepare each of the sessions for the academics and character training.

What attracted you?

Well, the opportunity to do mentoring was a big thing. It’s something I had been wanting to get more involved with for a while; I’d love to work in pastoral care in the future so this is great practice! Also, Citywise’s values. I felt like they were completely inline with my own values and what I’m passionate about.

“At times it’s felt like Citywise has been a kind of family away from home.”

Fantastic how it’s lined up perfectly for you!

Agreed! And to make it even more perfect, when my summer internship ended, they decided to developed it into part-time work during the academic year, so I set about creating Citywise’s mentoring curriculum, planning out weekly sessions for both primary schools and high schools. Plus, I lead a project for year 7 girls each week.

Year 7 girls?! You must be crazy!

Haha! No! The girls are a lot of fun and it’s been great to to see them develop as the year’s gone on. It helps that I’ve had a fantastic team of mentors who really care about the young people. I’ve had the privilege of watching the mentors create a deep bond with their mentees and that in itself, is so rewarding.

So why do you love working with young people?

Um. Because they’re funny, and real, even though that often means brutal honesty! I also know how much I valued care and support from people outside of my friends and family at that age.

Are you looking forward to many more years to come with Citywide?

Sadly, I won’t be able to be quite as involved next year because I will be doing teacher training, but I’ll still be involved where I can. At times it’s felt like Citywise has been a kind of family away from home. There’s a really lovely atmosphere and relationship between the staff as well as the projects we run. You’re not getting rid of me that easily!

Okay, one last question… If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?!

Haha! Great question! There are so many good ones… Probably super speed. Just think of all the amazing stuff you could get done! I’d never be late for anything! Or incredible wisdom. That would be a very useful one too!