Projector Craft

Sometimes we need to find motivation to be resilient and many crafts and games can help with this. The projector craft is no exception!

This fun craft encourages creativity as well as creating a space for children to actively think about bravery and resilience. Motivation can be hard to find when we fail at something or when things don’t work out the way we want them to. Not giving up and bouncing back from failure is what happens when we practise resilience, even when it’s really hard.

Where can we find motivation? What can help motivate us to choose to be resilient?

One way we can find motivation is by thinking about times where family members, friends or even celebrities have chosen to not give up. Remembering symbols or words that point us to resilience can also help. This activity does exactly that: it reminds us of a word or a drawing that resembles bravery or resilience.

Let’s make a Projector Craft!


  • Toilet roll tubes
  • Cling film
  • Pens
  • Rubber bands/ Sellotape

Step 1: Get Thinking!

Start off by asking and discussing this question with your child:

What is something that reminds you to be resilient?

This could be anything! We recommend the image of a marshmallow (because marshmallows bounce back to their original shape when squeezed!).

If this question is too difficult for your child, trying asking them “What’s something that reminds you to be brave?” instead. This might be help to identify what they want to draw or write.

Step 2: Get Decorating!

Time to make your projector your own by decorating the toilet roll tube with any colours or patterns you’d like. This is the time to write your chosen word or picture on the sheet of cling film.

Once both cling film and tube are decorated, place the cling film over one end of the tube and secure the cling film with a rubber band, or with some tape.

Step 3: Get Projecting!

Well done, you made a projector craft! Now it’s time to find a dark room and shine a torch through one end of the tube. Look at how your word or drawing reflects onto the wall.

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