Response to the Manchester bombing

The events of Monday evening shocked all of us, but have been especially painful for those who lost loved ones, or are currently recovering from injuries. Our thoughts this week have been with all those affected by the attack and we continue to pray for them. Several staff members and volunteers were able to attend the vigil on Tuesday and stand in solidarity with others from all over Manchester. It was incredible to see the outpouring of love by thousands of people in response to one person’s act of hate.

In the last few days we have been seeking how best to respond as a charity that works with children, young people and their families, precisely the victims of the attack. We are a small charity and want to offer support in a way that is within our capability and of value to those who are suffering. In light of this we have reached out to all of our partner schools in Manchester to offer support groups in the coming weeks for any children in the school who have been affected directly or indirectly by the attack. This has been made possible by the generosity of some therapists and counsellors who have offered their time for free. We will be working with each school individually to tailor the support for the children that need it most.

Help us support young people in Manchester

We have also decided to re-launch our fundraising campaign for the Great Manchester Run, which is still going ahead on Sunday 28th May. We’ll be dedicating a portion of everything raised to our work supporting young people in the coming weeks. If you would like to contribute why not choose one of our Manchester runners to support?

#thecityneedsheroes especially at a time like this. Thank you to all who support Citywise and make our work with vulnerable young people possible.

Luke Wilkinson – Chief Executive