Summer Projects

Every year we work with our partner schools to deliver summer projects supporting the transition from primary to secondary. The two-week Heroes Academy uses a play-based curriculum to:

  • Increase confidence about the transition to high school
  • Refresh literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for September
  • Raise awareness of the role of character in personal and academic growth

We use the theme of superheroes to help young people discover what it takes to become an everyday hero. Young people are encouraged to develop four ‘superpowers’: Self Control, Resilience, Good Judgement and Fairness.

Info for parents:

The Heroes Academy is a full time project based at your child’s school, and provides an opportunity for them to make new friends, take part in learning activities through fun lessons, play games, do sports, drama, arts and crafts and dance activities and go on an exciting off-site trip.

Offered in the final summer holiday of primary school and also in the summer when they move schools, the Heroes Academy is specifically designed to help improve your child’s confidence about the transition to high school.  We aim to give children skills they can develop that will give them every chance of success. 

Teachers: Interested in booking a Citywise Summer Project at your school? Take a look at an example project report or write to to make an enquiry!