Why Citywise?

At Citywise we work in partnership with schools, because we share your passion to see pupils equipped with the tools to succeed academically and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Education + Character = Success

We believe that both academic competence and a resilient character are essential elements needed to ensure that young people unlock their potential, lead flourishing lives and positively contribute to society.

We work to help pupils develop character traits such as resilience, self-regulatory skills and a growth mindset. Research shows that these character traits contribute to academic tenacity, are critical for long-term learning and promote students’ ongoing academic success (Dweck, Walton, & Cohen, 2014). In an engaging and fun environment, young people will learn things such as how to persevere in the pursuit of long term goals and see tasks through until the end.


Establishing a supportive relationship between a young person and a non-parental adult is one of the most effective ways of supporting positive development. Mentoring can increase resilience and coping skills; it can also prevent and decrease depression and anxiety. Research has shown that a committed mentor can help a young person improve their academic outcomes, behaviour, and social skills to become the best they can be. This is particularly the case with mentoring that includes a structured curriculum.

We offer pupils a personal mentor, who works with them every week to develop positive character traits and academic tenacity while taking part in activities to foster team-work, develop skills, confidence and have fun.

Our inspiring mentors are mostly undergraduate students at university. They provide a positive role model and, where appropriate, an opportunity to learn about higher education. All mentors  go through mentoring training and undergo enhanced DBS/PVG checks.


The Citywise model is supported by a large body of research both in mentoring and in character education. Meta-analyses of a wide range of youth mentoring programmes have found that young people improve in five key areas: academic performance, future employment, social competence, emotional well-being and high-risk behaviour.

More specifically, school-based mentoring programmes like Citywise, where mentoring occurs within school during the academic year, are shown to increase school-connectedness and long-term academic performance.

Feedback from our partner schools tells us that our mentees improve in the following ways:

  • Improved academic results
  • Increased school participation
  • Improved attitude towards school
  • Improved behaviour
  • Improved relationships with others
  • Increased confidence/self-esteem
  • Increased take up of volunteering

Here is what some of our young people have to say:

It makes you feel happy and confident after learning, that’s how I always feel like after having these lessons. It’s like you are learning something that can really help you mentally and emotionally. Those things we were learning about they are basically like life lessons. They can help you a lot especially when you are older, or an adult.” – Young person, Citywise Glasgow Summer Project 2017

I was being bullied…now I’m a lot calmer. I used to keep fighting, now I’ve learnt the rules of fairness. Since I’ve been coming here I’ve not been in seclusion.” Pupil, Manchester Term-time Project 2017