Heroes Academy at St Monica’s High School

It may seem like winter is beginning to set in, but it was only last month that we ran our Manchester schools Summer Project: the Heroes Academy. We are so passionate about our Heroes Academy which not only supports young people to become Everyday Heroes, but also helps them to grow in confidence, refresh their academic skills and help them in their transition to a new school. 

67 11-year-olds coming into Year 7 at St Monica’s High school from a variety of local primary schools took part in the Heroes Academy at St Monica’s where they learnt about four superpowers and how to develop them to become an Everyday Hero. 

“A fantastic project that has really helped ease my daughter into starting high school and wiped away all those nerves she had for her first day”- Parent

We learnt about Strength, how to persevere in doing the right thing and having courage that everyone, even a young person, can make a difference.

Having the power of Discipline means that we can prioritise, stay focused and do the right thing, even when no one is watching. 

Justice was another of our everyday Superhero powers, being able to know what’s right and standing up for it. 

Our final power was Wisdom and gaining the power to think and choose well. 

We had lots of fun over the two weeks, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, taking part in drama workshops, playing sport together and getting creative with craft – check out the photos for yourself! 

And ICYMI, this was the theme song of the week “You can be an everyday hero” too!