Strength cards: Developing Self-knowledge

Strength cards is an activity that we use in some of our Citywise groups while focusing on the topic of Self-knowledge. If your child is in a group this year, they may have used the strength cards with their mentor. It can also be an interesting activity to do with your child at home, to discover how they see themselves, what they see their strengths to be and also who they would like to become in the future!

Step 1: Print and cut out the cards, or make your own!

Step 2: Lay the cards out

Step 3: Allow your child to lead the activity, using their own questions or the questions below

“You’ve done this before with Citywise, but I would really love to know…”

  • Which of these strengths are most like you?
  • Which words describe you?
  • When is a time you used this strength?
  • Which strength would your good friend say is like you?
  • Which strength do you think I would choose for you? / Or share your thoughts
  • Move the cards around to have a line with strengths that are like you on one side and not like you on the other.
  • I wonder which strength you would like to become?

Download the activity below!

Why is this important?

Self-knowledge is the first of the seven key areas that make up the Citywise curriculum. Learning about our ourselves through activities like these strength cards helps us realise that we have more strengths than we think. It also helps us grow, set goals and make decisions!

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