Take The Baton 2019

The 90’s were the years of windbreakers, gameboys, and buffalo shoes (we have the Spice Girls to thank for that). Something magnificent also began. In 1994, 25 years ago, our founders began working locally with young people in response to the need they saw in their communities. Today, this looks like mentoring young people in schools, after school clubs, and a whole new area of work with families and communities in the Citywise Centre.

From our founders all the way down through 25 years of different volunteers and supporters, Citywise has always been carried by the love and commitment of its members. The question for you is: will you take the baton and carry it for future generations of the Citywise family? 

Whether you’re a mentor, teacher, parent, or just looking for any excuse to run a half marathon, will you help us make 2019 the best year yet? Will you take on a fundraising challenge to support us as we step into a new and exciting area of work. You can run, walk, bake, cycle, swim, or moonwalk your way to £250, and help to transform young lives. 

Fill out the form below if you’re interested and would like to be booked onto our sponsored events in April and May 2019. We’re hosting Citywise’s Toughest Run in Glasgow which is a 10km run with a few fun challenges thrown in, or take part in the Great Manchester Run 10K and Half Marathon. You could also plan your own event, and we’ll support you to make it a success! 







We’ll be in touch in January about setting up your Just Giving page, we’ll support you with fundraising and give you lots of hints and tips to help you reach your £250 target!

Definition of take up the baton: To take up a task on behalf of another. To accept a particular duty or responsibility.