The Citywise Centre Heroes Academy

This August we ran our very own Heroes Academy just around the corner from where Citywise began 24 years ago. You can catch up on a bit of the history here. 

We had a lot of fun gardening, baking, playing sports and meeting Robin (sadly, Batman couldn’t make it). We also spent time learning about four superpowers and how to develop them to become an Everyday Hero. 

We learnt about Strength, how to persevere in doing the right thing and having courage that everyone, even a young person, can make a difference.

Having the power of Discipline means that we can prioritise, stay focused and do the right thing, even when no one is watching. 

Justice was another of our everyday Superhero powers, being able to know what’s right and standing up for it. 

Our final power was Wisdom and gaining the power to think and choose well. 

Check out the pictures below and read on to find out about our Family Fun Day BBQ.


At the end of the week we were delighted to host the Family Fun Day BBQ at the Citywise Centre. 

There were bouncy castles, games, crafts, prizes to be won, a LEGO mini-build workshop, and even a performance from our Heroes Academy Graduates (Rusholme definately has talent)!

Local families were invited to come along, and we were able to share our plans for the upcoming weekly after school clubs for boys and girls in years 3-6, held at the Citywise Centre. Drop an email to if you would like to know more. 

If you were at the Heroes Academy, the Family Fun Day or within 100ft of Citywise over August you would have heard our theme song…a lot! But ICYMI here it is again. On three! One, two, three: