The year the world changed forever

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It sounds like the title for a dystopian movie, but reality has been far stranger than fiction. The past year has posed extraordinary challenges for everyone as the Covid-19 crisis has swept the world, but although we are all in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat.

Families have faced extra pressure and insecurity, and this season has posed significant challenges for the wellbeing and mental health of even the most resilient child.

But in every moment of darkness, there are countless moments of light.

Who would have thought a footballer would be the one to capture the mood of the nation and lead a campaign against child food poverty? Marcus Rashford’s experiences growing up echo those of so many of the young people we work with. His campaign, and the support it received nationally, has shown the way in which the Covid-19 crisis, for all the difficulties it has created, has also drawn out some of the best things in human nature: solidarity, empathy, and that virtue which is the foundation for all of our work at Citywise: resilience.

We’ve seen children, families, our partner schools and volunteers show an abundance of this same incredible resilience. They have quickly adapted to new ways of working online, in person (physically distanced!), and even through parcels sent home in the post!

Resilience means persevering in the face of adversity, bouncing back when
we get knocked down, but it also means asking for the help that we need. We’re still here, doing whatever it takes to support children and families through this time. Are you with us?

Are you with us?

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