W.O.O.P Activity

A New Year has begun! We’re all looking ahead to the next twelve months and thinking about the changes we want to make for ourselves and our families. But how many of us have written a list of New Year’s Resolutions on a piece of paper on 1st January, and forgotten about them for the rest of the year?

At Citywise, we use a technique called ‘W.O.O.P’ to make plans that bring us closer to our goals. Take a look below to find out what it stands for and how you can help the children in your family turn their New Year’s Resolutions into plans for the year! Follow this link to a journal page you can print out and use to write your answers with your family.


W: Wish

To start with, come up with a wish for this year. What about trying to be kinder to others, or to spend more time doing things you love?

Then think about what you would like to achieve or complete this year. What goal would you like to set yourself? And what would make you feel good about yourself? This could be wanting to be better at a subject at school or improving at a sport you play. Once you’ve had a think, discuss these as a family.

Then choose just one of these each to focus on during activity. Use the template above to record this!

O: Outcome

Start to imagine what the outcome will be like when you accomplish this goal.

How will you feel? How would achieving this goal change things? Discuss and write your answers on the journal page provided.

O: Obstacle

Obstacles can be anything that prevents you or makes it harder for you to accomplish your goals.

What potential obstacles could be holding you back from accomplishing this goal?

P: Plan

Finally, we need to come up with a plan to overcome any obstacles that we thought of. We found it’s best to write down your plan like this:

  • When (obstacle happens), then I (do this plan).

An example of this would be; When I’m stuck on a maths question, then I will ask for help from my teacher.

That’s it! You and your child have completed our guide to goal success! Feel free to do this exercise more than once with many more of your goals. Hana, Programmes Director at Citywise, has written a more detailed blog post about WOOP, so if you want to find out a bit more, you can give that a read here.

Make sure to tag us if you post about any of our activities! We’d love to see how you guys WOOP your way to success! You can tag us @CitywiseUK on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.