We’re All in this Together: Benefits of Group Activity

As the Bounce Back Movement challenge continues, we reflect on the benefits of group activity. The Bounce Back Movement challenge takes place every May and encourages children to exercise every day for 30 mins. You can read more about this challenge here!

In the last blog we published, we shared our thoughts on the benefits of physical activity for our bodies and minds. But it’s also important to recognise that children benefit specifically from exercise is part of a group activity.

The right group activities create opportunities for children to learn important skills, like being a good team player. Team work promotes problem solving, allows children to create positive connections and can also be a good chance for children to find their voice.

In activities where children have to achieve a goal with others, they are challenged to grow their skills through mixing, compromising and sharing with others.

These newfound skills can play a key role in building new relationships and bonds with others as well as building trust in established friendships. Children can build the confidence they need to assert themselves, and develop their social skills.

But for children, best group activities are ones that generate the most fun! This is why we have created a fun challenge the whole family can take part in!

The Dizzy Obstacle Course is ideal for the whole family! Each member of your family can be responsible for a different role; for example, two people can create the course, one person is in charge of timing etc.

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