Winning at exams the Citywise way!

It’s exam season again and most students have a stressful few weeks of revision and exams ahead of them. It can easily feel overwhelming when faced with lots of material to memorise, but we have a few revision tricks up our sleeves using the four good old Citywise virtues!

  • Trick 1. Write out a schedule (Good Judgment) Often students fail to study because they don’t know where to start. By creating a schedule, it allows you to organise all your subjects and helps you make a plan on where to start studying.
  • Trick 2. Practice makes perfect (Resilience) Practice papers from previous years has to be one of the most helpful tips. It gives you the advantage of familiarity once you sit down to take the real exam.
  • Trick 3. Find a study buddy (Fairness) Why not find a classmate who is feeling just as overwhelmed as you? Split the notes up and share it with each other.  Using a study buddy helps you become more concentrated and motivated. Another benefit is you and your study buddy can quiz each other to strengthen your knowledge on the material.
  • Trick 4. Take regular study breaks (Self-control) Ever feel like you are reading information but it is just going out the other end of your brain? That’s when you know you must take a break because there is no point in continuing to study when you can’t absorb anymore material. Adapting the habit of taking regular breaks and exercising puts your brain back into the study mindset.

And a couple of freebies because we’re nice:

  • Trick 5. Knowing your learning style Everyone has a different way of how they learn. It is the same way with studying. So understanding the best way you study, makes revising a lot easier.
  • Trick 6. Spice up your studies! Mix up your study habits and methods! It is good to use your primary study way but your brain can become a bit bored of it so use podcast, watch videos or create flashcards. Also, switch up your environment. New places can inspire new thoughts.
  • Trick 7. The power of breakfast! Do not underestimate the power of a healthy breakfast on the day of your exams! Eating eggs or a bowl of yogurt can boost your memory and focus.

Remember to take deep breaths and relax. Everything will be just fine!  Good luck with all your exams!