Citywise is a mentoring charity.

We work with schools and families to help young people, especially those living in disadvantage, to achieve their potential, live flourishing lives and make a positive contribution to society.

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Response to the Manchester bombing

The events of Monday evening shocked all of us, but have been especially painful for those who lost loved ones, or are currently recovering from injuries. Our thoughts this week have been with all those affected by the attack and we continue to pray for them. Several staff members and volunteers were able to attend the […]

Winning at exams the Citywise way!

Summer is quickly approaching and we could not be more excited. But before we get three months of no alarms set and no school work, we have to get through exams… These are some of the most stressful weeks for students as they feel overwhelmed by all the material they have to memorise. But we […]

The quest for happiness

Citywise Founder Xavier Bosch kicks off our series of  ‘foundations’ where we explore the fundamentals of what Citywise is all about.  Where do we get our vision from? We’re in the business of helping the young, especially the disadvantaged, to grow in character. I started Citywise in Castlemilk, Glasgow over 20 years ago but cannot claim credit for doing […]

G.M. Citizens Mayoral Assembly

Speaking truth to power: on Monday 1st May, 30 Citywise mentors, supporters and young people took part in an historic event with the main candidates vying to become Mayor of Greater Manchester. We joined with over 40 organisations from across Greater Manchester for an assembly of music, drama, testimony and true politics: ordinary people coming […]

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