Citywise is a mentoring charity.

We work with schools and families to help young people unlock their potential, flourish in all areas of their lives, and contribute positively to their communities.

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Stress Ball Activity

What is a stress ball? Let’s find out what stress balls are used for and why you should make one! Squeezing and playing with stress balls can help us be mindful. Taking a moment to pause and squeeze them helps us release tension and feel more relaxed. When we pause and squeeze, we do two […]

The Toothpaste Experiment

The Toothpaste Experiment is a fun (though messy!) activity that’s perfect for exploring kindness with children. Before you start, why not explain to your child why kindness is important and how it can impact not only other people, but also ourselves? Completing small acts of kindness can create a chemical reaction in our brains! When […]

Recycling Station Activity

At Citywise when we speak about kindness, we like to speak about kindness to ourselves, kindness to others and kindness to the planet. This last category is just as important as the others. One big way we can be kind to the planet is to to help the environment become a cleaner space. To do […]

Fork Fireworks Activity

The Fork Fireworks activity will help you to express yourself through creativity! You’ll create a colourful picture for you to hang up on your fridge and this is a great thing to do as a family, so make sure to get everyone involved! You’re probably familiar with the tale of Guy Fawkes night. It started years and […]

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