Citywise is a mentoring charity.

We work with schools and families to help young people, especially those living in disadvantage, to unlock their potential, lead flourishing lives and make a positive contribution to their communities.

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Nurture Kindness

1 minute read We all love being on the receiving end of kindness. A kind word, a friendly smile or help before we’ve even asked for it. Scientists love to talk about the ‘ripple effect’ and how one simple act of kindness can spark another, and another, and another! Kindness can take courage. It can […]

A lockdown hug

As the UK heads into another lockdown, the team at Citywise want to send all teachers, parents and children a big lockdown hug! Yeti sends you all the love! The Citywise Yeti wants to remind you all that this time of lockdown and waiting will be over one day…but not YET! If you’re feeling frustrated […]

The year the world changed forever

(2 minute read) It sounds like the title for a dystopian movie, but reality has been far stranger than fiction. The past year has posed extraordinary challenges for everyone as the Covid-19 crisis has swept the world, but although we are all in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. Families […]

A different kind of Christmas

A different kind of Christmas, but a very special one! Even though we can’t interact in the normal ways this Christmas we have still gathered and celebrated in every way we can! This December, children in our communities have gathered for two Christmas sessions and we’ve hosted a Family Drop-In too! We’ve been able to […]

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