Citywise is a mentoring charity.

We work with schools and families to help young people unlock their potential, flourish in all areas of their lives, and contribute positively to their communities.

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A partnership that changed everything

(2 minute read) It’s not everyday that character-development experts from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, choose you for a prestigious grant and two-year partnership. But in 2018, that’s exactly what happened to us, and we’ve spoken a lot about it since then (wouldn’t you?). That’s because it has helped […]

Mentoring a world changer!

(2 minute read) Mentoring with Citywise has provided me with purpose, motivation, and a whole lot of laughter amidst the stress of a global pandemic, and whilst I complete my final year at university! My first experience of being a 1:1 mentor has been fully online. The thought of this made me quite apprehensive at […]

Overcoming the drop

Have you ever set yourself a goal, started with great enthusiasm but quickly hit a snag in the road? A distraction, a difficult experience, the feeling of failure, or creeping self doubt can pull you off track from where you were heading. We understand this as the drop, and if you’re familiar with it, you’re […]

A world of adventures!

(2 minute read) Explore a whole new world of stories, adventure and wonder with your child for World Book Day on Thursday 4th March! Reading with your child can help them become more confident, it stimulates their imagination and helps them develop valuable language and listening skills. It can even give them a love of […]

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